Enjoy Dessert without the Guilt with Sans Sucre Gluten Free Sugar Free Baking Mix

My husband has been following a low fat, low carb diet for months now. So, I recently decided to cook healthier meals for the whole family. One of the first things that I am learning about is looking at portion sizes. I am also trying to cut out excessive carbs, added sugar, and high fat foods. My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic so he really has to watch his sugar intake anyway. Also, my boys don’t need the extra sugar/carbs/fat either because I want them to grow up strong and healthy. One of the main goals I have is to give up soda and cut out the processed foods. With two teenagers who are stubborn, it can be a struggle!

Sans Sucre Products

I was so excited to learn about Sans Sucre Foods because they make sugar free baking mixes and gluten free sugar free mousse mixes. Sans Sucre recently starting making gluten free sugar free baking mix that is made with hand-selected, quality ingredients. They are sweetened with Stevia which makes them perfect for those of us who are watching our sugar intake. I recently tried the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I followed the instructions on the box which included adding just water and vegetable oil. My oven tends to bake hot so I didn’t leave the brownies in quite as long as the instructions called for and they came out perfect. Sans Sucre Gluten Free Sugar Free Brownie Mix makes dense brownies that have an excellent flavor. They’re not too rich but have just the right amount of chocolate-y taste. My sons both loved the Sans Sucre Brownies. They’re definitely a dessert you can enjoy without the guilt!

Sans Sucre Gluten Free Sugar Free Brownie Mix

Sans Sucre also offers a Classic Blondie Brownie Baking Mix that is Gluten Free and Sugar Free. They also make sugar free, gluten free mousse mixes in eight different varieties. Their sugar free baking mixes are available in three different chocolate varieties and also coffee cake. You could enjoy a sweet treat at breakfast with that coffee cake! The Gluten Free Sugar Free Baking Mixes are $7.99 online at www.sanssucrefoods.com.


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